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Sponsorship Program

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Why sponsor the ATV web site?

ATV web site has the most complete ATV trail, safety, and education content available on the web.  There are approximately 100 separate html pages of content available from this web site.

Target audience for the most affluent age group who are investing in outdoor recreation machines and accessories.

Support of this site permits you to be a good community citizen by supporting education and safety training among the recreation participants.

Given the focused audience for the information, this site has amazing local Maine traffic.  National exposure has also been demonstrated by this site.  Traffic to the site is expected to grow with additional links and inclusion on more search engines.  Present activity statistics, as published by our domain host, (more accurate than the counters appearing on the site - a third party objective view) show that the site is receiving and amazing number of hits and visitors each day.

Comments from web site readers attest to the value of the service and information provided by the website.  If you would like to sponsor as an individual or a family Join your Local A.T.V. Maine Affiliated ATV Club.  If you would like to sponsor as a business, please read on.. web site ( offers many ways that an organization can promote their products and company from within the popular ATV Maine and information web site.


What types of businesses would benefit from sponsorship of this web site?

ATV Dealerships

ATV Rental Agencies

Truck/Automobile dealerships

Utility Trailer dealerships/Manufacturers

ATV or Motorcycle Manufacturers

Governmental Land Management Agencies

Community governments

Chambers of Commerce

Restaurants near trail venues

Hotels/ Motels/ Campgrounds

Travel Agencies

Recreation product merchants


plus many others....

Ride sponsorships are available for existing trails and for future trails.

Sponsors can also request special information pages created by ATV residing on the ATV web server.  Or we can create the link to a special information page on your server.

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