The current list of bills that could effect a club or rules are as follows:

You can go to Mane State Legislature website.  Enter the LD number of the below listed bills to read the full content:

LD0683      An Act To Allow Maine Nonprofit Corporations To Hold Meetings Electronically:

This bill allows the board of directors of a nonprofit corporation to adopt guidelines and procedures                         for remote meetings or to allow members to participate remotely.


LD0685      An Act To Legalize Online Raffles for Nonprofit Organizations:

This bill allows nonprofit organizations to sell raffle chances or tickets online or by other electronic                          means.

LD0944      An Act To Simplify Dual Registration of Snowmobiles and All-terrain Vehicles:

This bill creates a dual registration option for an all-terrain vehicle equipped with tracks to be                                    registered as both an all-terrain vehicle and a snowmobile. Currently, an all-terrain vehicle with                                tracks can be registered as both, but must be registered separately. This bill creates a dual                                            registration. It keeps the fee structures already in place for both vehicles individually, but provides                          for just one registration number.