Morning everyone.  I know Fall is coming.  A few things to keep in mind for this time of year.
1) Its getting a little colder and darker sooner this time of year.
Please make sure you and your group are prepared for the temperature variations that happen from cold in the morning to warm in the afternoon. Have working flashlights in case you need to make on the trail repairs after dark.
2) Hunting season is coming up fast.  Please ware ORANGE and make sure you check with your local club to make sure the trails you would like to ride on are not closed for hunting season.
3) Most of the rail bed trails will be open till at least mid December or the first groom-able snow flies then you can almost guess everything will be closed to ATVing for the season.  Keep in mind even if it does warm up and snow melts the trails will still be CLOSED to ATVing till after spring thaw next year.
4) Its almost never to late for a young riders safety course  there are 8 available till the end of this year.  6 of them are a mix of snowmobile and ATV.  Check the link to see if there is one in your area. Safety Course Information at INF&W
Have a good rest of your weekend and weekend.