Good morning everyone,

Brian Bronson sent out an email to every club in the state detailing how the new weight and width restrictions will be put into place for the 2022 season.  He included test graphics for new signs and a new land owner permission packet that EVERY CLUB needs to have signed by their respective land owners.

Weight / Width Graphic                        Land Owner Packet

Here is a copy of what he sent in his email.  Also remember that these new signs will not be available till spring of 2022.  Sarah or Brain will send out an email when the will be ready to order.

Greetings ATV Club officers!

Hopefully you have had a good summer.  I can’t believe we are still dealing with Covid issues but here we are.    Would like to have regional meeting to address issues but we continue to try to do it electronically.

As you’re probably aware, there were a few important Legislative changes relating to ATVs for this coming season.  One of those changes was to designate a width limit for ATVs that can be registered.  The new law makes 65” the maximum width, with the exception of previously registered (by residents of Maine) oversized machines which are grandfathered.  To ensure landowner needs are being met, as well as helping to aid law enforcement, we are required to make a few changes to our previous landowner permit process.  We have changed both the written and verbal landowner permission forms to ask the landowner’s width limit requirements.  This question needs to be answered for EVERY landowner, and the responses will determine width limits on your trails.  In the spring we will have width limit stickers available that you’ll need to affix to your ATV TRAIL ID signs.

We understand this will be a time consuming project but we need to ensure the landowners wishes are being satisfied and we need direction on how we will address Grant funding so we must know what the landowners limits are. 

I have attached copies of the new landowner permits.  Please make sure to replace any previous versions with the new format as they have to be updated.  In addition, I’ve attached a sample graphic to show how the trail width limit stickers will be used once we have them available from the vendor.  In the next few days each club will be receiving an email pdf from Sarah with the most recent list of landowners we have on file.  We will need up-to-date landowner lists and the new permits returned to us with the Grant applications in the spring.  Sooner would be better

For any questions, feel free to contact me at 207-592-5377  or Sarah at 207-287-2751

Brian Bronson
Supervisor Off Road Recreational Vehicle Program
Bureau of Parks and Lands
State House Station 22
Augusta, Me 04333-0022