Maine 130 – SP 640  An Act To Amend the Definition of “Oversized ATV” To Increase
the Minimum Weight Requirement

On December 17th there was legislation to increase the weight limit of ATV’s from 2,000 lbs. to 2,4000 lbs.  This legislation was presented by Senate President JACKSON of Aroostook. Cosponsored by Representative MARTIN of Eagle Lake and Senators: DAVIS of Piscataquis, STEWART of Aroostook, Representatives: MARTIN of Sinclair, WHITE of Mars Hill.

ATV Maine is not supporting this new legislation. This goes against what was discussed in all the Task Force meetings. The original limit of 2,000lbs was agreed to by all the landowners that were on the task force.  It was agreed to when passed by the legislature.  This new limit, if passed, will put too much of a burden on all the landowners and ATV Club’s.  The smaller club’s can not rebuild their bridges to accommodate the higher limit. A lot of club’s do not have enough support or a work force to do this either.