I got this from the Endless Season Riders page.  They are going to a reorganization changes and have a lot of information to share.  If you have any comments please refer to their page on Facebook and send them your questions through their page.

Copied from their page:

Good Afternoon ESR members & friends,

I want to get everyone up to speed on a few things:

1. The members present at the last meeting voted unanimously to: “to permanently disband the snowmobile side of the club and cease all maintenance of snowmobile trails” (all members were invited and had opportunities to vote absentee). This decision was not taken lightly and came after months/years of discussions, deliberations, and several cries for help from local snowmobilers. We have notified the State Snowmobile Division of that and we have started removing signs around town.

2. The members also voted that: “ESR will discontinue all ATV trails north of I-95”. A crew went out on Sunday June 14th to remove all signs and pick up our box signs, they also gated off the access to the steep hill going on to Rt. 7 and signed it NO ATV. The MDOT has been notified of this and will likely be filling in the guardrail soon. This decision was also not taken lightly it came after months of trying to figure out how to keep a system maintained over there that no-one even used.

3. Dale Strout stepped forward and accepted the nomination for Trail Master which has been vacant for a year. Dale has already hit the ground running and has worked tirelessly (along with others) to make sure the trails are open and ready to ride for the season. The 2020 ATV Tail Grant has been submitted to the state and we should be all set to go.

4. Our Secretary position is still vacant as Kathryn decided not to seek another term with her busy work and family schedule. We would like to Thank Kathryn for her years of service as our Secretary she has done a great job. Don’t fear though she hasn’t gone too far…. we had her out on the work detail a couple weeks ago. If anyone is interested in being our Secretary please let us know.

5. The members also voted to terminate our contract for the website as it was a struggle to keep it updated and it was getting very few hits. We did not feel we were getting our moneys worth and no-one wanted to step forward and take it over.

6. Our next meeting will be Tuesday June 30, 2020 and we will meet by ZOOM again as we are not sure on meeting spaces and the rules governing these types of gatherings. The ZOOM meetings have been working well so far and we’ve had great attendance. (we really do miss the social aspect and the pizza & wings after). Meeting invite has been sent to ALL members in good standing.

7. If you are out riding the trails in town please give us a hand and pick up any snowmobile markers you might find along the way Thank You!!!!

8. See You Tuesday!!!!!!