Yes a few of the railbed trails are opening Friday May 15th as we have seen via a post from the state.

05/14/2020 11:56 AM EDT

The following rail trails will open on Friday, May 15th. The Whistle Stop Rail Trail (Farmington to Jay), The Four Seasons Adventure Rail Trail (Newport to Dover Foxcroft), The Downeast Sunrise Rail Trail (Ellsworth to Pembroke), and the Lagrange/Medford Rail Trail (Lagrange to Medford). Many local club trails are/will open in Southern and Central Maine, check with the local clubs. The Androscoggin River Lands (Turner) will also open on Friday. The ATV Maine website and Facebook page are great resources for trail information and contain trail conditions and club contacts. Northern Maine trails remain closed, as many are still snow covered. If trails are still posted “CLOSED”, respect these signs and stay off.

Most Southern Trail will be open.  A batch of Downeast trails will be open. They have to get out and do inspections before they can open up.  AFM is unlocking the gates Friday and that will allow them to get onto the trails and look and repair damages.

Central trails are opening up.  With one or two exceptions due to wet conditions still on trails. ( check with the local club for better specifics).

Western trails have dates ranging from May 23 to June 1.  Again they have area’s still with snow on the ground.

Northern trails are also NOT OPEN because a lot of them still have snow on the ground or very wet conditions (mud season)