We had our e-board meeting and have decided that online meetings are good.  It saves winter travel.  We will be having a regional meeting online in February, yes I know we have not done one of them in years. We have decided to go with the Zoom platform.  That gives us the ability to do both video and call in.  So for those that do not have the camera’s or video abilities you can simply call in with your phone and still participate in the meeting.

For this to work well I need to make sure EVERY club either mails me or E-Mails me their current email address’s and phone numbers for their club President, VP, Secretary and WHO will be their club ATV Maine Director or alternate director. Yes I know you gave me all that information with your club packets last year, but guess what, There were club elections, and I have not received new information from everyone.  I did do a Facebook post and a very few club’s responded to that post so I am asking again.  I need current information so the invitations will go to them.  From there the club can share the information with other member in their club that wish to attend the meetings.  We will be limited to a max participation of 150 people, that is either video or phone.

Now for the bad news. Due to Covid restrictions we WILL NOT be having our banquet again this year.  I will be working over the next few weeks to start assembling and MAILING out the renewal packets to all the club’s.  There are still areas we are gathering information before I send out those renewal packets in the mail.