Insurance Update as of August 2nd 2022

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As everyone knows on July 11th the State dropped a bombshell about the $400,000 policy they provide.  They said because of ongoing court suit and then finding out that the policy only takes effect after the club's labiality policy runs its course.   This news sent a lot of clubs into panic mode.  Some have signed up [...]

Maddison Branch Rail Bed

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The purchasing process is not done.  Now the hard part of getting all the old lines out and cleaned up to convert it to a multi use trail. Click here to read a bout it. 

Fall Season

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Morning everyone.  I know Fall is coming.  A few things to keep in mind for this time of year.   1) Its getting a little colder and darker sooner this time of year. Please make sure you and your group are prepared for the temperature variations that happen from cold in the morning to warm in [...]

Municipal ATV Grant Deadline.

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As a reminder if your club is submitting for a municipal grant it has to be in no later than NOVEMBER 30,2018. Here is the information if you need it from the Bureau of Parks and Lands

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