Alliance for Trail Vehicles of Rules and Guidelines

Amended 08-15-09                      Amended 10-17-15                                                           Amended 12-14-19

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Approved 10-20-12                      Approved 08-18-18

These rules and guidelines may be amended by a 2/3 approval at any meeting

Club Membership:

  1. If a club’s membership renewal dues (club dues plus membership dues for all current primary members) are not received by July 1st, that club and all its members will be dropped from all ATV Maine records. When renewal dues are received, the club and all its current members will be reinstated.
  2. New clubs joining before March 1st are to pay as they join and are responsible to pay their renewal dues by June 1st for the following membership year. New clubs joining March 1st or later will receive full membership privileges until June 30th of the following year.
  3. Membership Dues: $30.00 per club plus $10.00 per Primary membership (individual or family)
    3A) If any person requests to join ATV Maine at an ATV Maine event, That person must pick an affiliated ATV Maine club. If not, a club will be chosen randomly for them. $30.00 will be collected from the member, $10.00 will stay with ATV Maine and the remainder will be remitted to the chosen club. Stickers will be mailed to paid members by ATV Maine once proof of membership has been received by ATV Maine from the club. Membership cards should be submitted to ATV Maine monthly.

Note: Members who belong to more than one ATV club are only required to pay ATV Maine membership once and must declare to which club the ATV Maine dues are paid

4. A membership list with names and addresses must accompany the dues from each club.

5. Dues are due by June 1st for all clubs and members.

6  Any person who joins an affiliated club after June 1st joins ATV Maine also. It is the responsibility of the affiliated club to collect the $10.00 for each additional member joining after June               1st and forward that information to ATV Maine membership definitions:

Primary membership: individual or family.


Supporting Business Membership:

  1. New Supporting Business members are to pay as they join and their renewal dues are paid on a yearly basis for each membership year.
  2. If Supporting Business membership renewal dues are not received by their yearly renewal date, they will be dropped from all ATV Maine records. When renewal dues are received, they will be reinstated.
  3. There is no maximum amount of dues an affiliated member club can charge for business memberships.
  4. The affiliated member club will send $20.00 of the Supporting Business membership dues to ATV Maine.
  5. Dues shall be $30.00 annually without an affiliated member club.
  6. Supporting business memberships do not qualify for the following:
    ATV Maine membership counts for contests 


  1. No firearms are permitted at any ATV Maine function, excluding law enforcement officers.
  2. ATV Maine should schedule 4 regional meetings and one annual meeting and banquet per year, with one meeting in each of the 5 regions and the annual meeting and banquet in the Bangor area.
  3. The 4 regional meetings should be in the months of June, August, October and December. If circumstances, out of our control, warrant to have an electronic meeting it will be posted accordingly. Every year, the regional location of each meeting will shift back by one. (The region that hosts the August meeting will be moved back to host the June meeting of the following year, and the region that hosts the June meeting will not host the following year and so on.)
  4. These meetings should be held on the third Saturday of the month, with one exception, the December meeting should be on the second Saturday of the month.
  5. These meetings should be scheduled to start at 9:00 am, with a half-hour lunch break, and end at 2:00 pm. The Annual Meeting and Banquet will limit business to approximately two hours, with the remainder of the meeting concentrating on awards and recognition of club and individual accomplishments.
  6. The next meeting’s time and place will be announced at the end of each meeting.
  7. ATV Maine will contribute $300 to the hosting club for the meeting.
  8. If there is no ATV Maine affiliated club available to host a Director’s meeting, then a non-ATV Maine member club would be allowed to host, and ATV Maine will contribute $300 to the non-ATV Maine hosting club for the meeting.
  9. Any motion brought up for a vote at any meeting may be voted on by Directors only (or Alternate Director in the absence of the Director) (or a club member to represent their club when the Director/Alternate Director cannot attend, can be done twice a year with a letter signed by the club President and the Director, to be hand carried to the meeting), with each club having only one vote. (The quorum requirements, listed in the By-laws, must still be met before any vote can be taken.)
  10. In the absence of the President, the Vice President will chair the meeting. In the absence of both the President and Vice President, one of the other officers will chair the meeting. 
  11. In the event of a virtual meeting. An electronic video meeting will be set up either through Google or Zoom.  Same rules as an in-person meeting but held electronically. All ATV Maine club’s will be given notices by email if this should happen.

Executive Board of Directors:

  1. The President is authorized to have the secretary conduct a phone poll of the Executive Board of Directors in any case a decision is needed between regularly scheduled meetings. The secretary will garner a vote from each Board Member on the issue and then the President will act in accordance with the majority vote. The secretary will report how each Executive Board Member voted at the next regular meeting.
  2. The Executive Board of Directors will adopt the policies that meet the objectives and goals of ATV Maine as brought forward by the President.
  3. The Executive Board of Directors will review, modify, and approve the annual budget and public relations policy.
  4. The members of the Executive Board of Directors are defined in the ATV Maine Bylaws, Article V. The Executive Board of Directors will consist of the four officers and the Executive Officials, defined below.
  5. A quorum of the Executive Board of Directors for voting purposes shall be defined as five (5) Executive Board of Director members.
  6. Members of the Executive Board of Directors must have been in attendance during three (3) of the previous five (5) regular Regional meetings and three (3) of the previous five (5) regular Executive Board of Directors meetings in order to cast votes.

 Trails Committee:

  1. The purpose of the Trails Committee is to establish a statewide interconnecting ATV trail system. This is to be accomplished by coordinating efforts between existing ATV clubs, assisting new clubs in getting started.
  2. ATV Maine’s Board of Directors will elect a Trails Vice President. The Trails Vice President will be responsible for the trails expansion in Maine and also be Chairperson of the Trails Committee. Duties and responsibilities will be in accordance with the ATV Maine Job Description.
  3. The members of the Trails Committee will be:
    Trails Vice President
    5 Regional Vice Presidents (Northern, Central, Eastern, Western, Southern)
    District Representatives
  4. The members of this committee, will be reimbursed for their (mileage) expenses.
  5. Landowner permission may be obtained by any member of this committee to build a connector trail through an area where there is no club established. The construction and maintenance cost of said connector trails will be dealt with on an as needed basis. Such trails will need the approval and financial assistance of the State of Maine, Department of Conservation, Off-Road Vehicle Division. 


  1. If a vacancy occurs during the year, the Executive Board of Directors may appoint an interim person to fill the vacant position until an election is held at the next regular meeting.


  1. Officials are volunteer appointed and elected positions. Only members in good standing can hold an Official position. All Official appointees should be approved by a 2/3 vote at a regular meeting.
  2. ATV Maine views the State in 5 regions: Northern, Central, Eastern, Western, and Southern. Each region will have a Vice President to represent that region and will be elected by that region. Each Regional Vice President will appoint their own District.   Representatives; 1 District Representative per 10 clubs or 40 mile radius. Regional Vice Presidents and District Representative duties and responsibilities will be in accordance with the ATV Maine Job Descriptions. The district Rep can sit in for the VP and assist.
  3. Executive Officials are as follows: Past (outgoing) President, Regional Vice Presidents, and Trails Vice President.
  4. General Officials are as follows: District Representatives, Safety Coordinator, Public Relations spokesperson, and each Chairperson on any established Committee.
  5. If a vacancy occurs during the year, the Executive Board of Directors may appoint an interim  person to fill the vacant position until an election is held or the appointment is approved at the next regular meeting.
  6. The President is an Ex-Officio member of all committees and boards. He or she as President no vote on all committees and boards, except in the case of a tie vote.

Removal from Executive Board of Directors:

A person holding an elected office within ATV Maine can be removed by a recommendation of 2/3 of the Executive Board of Directors and confirmed by 2/3 of the Board of Directors attending. All ATV Maine member clubs must be notified in writing, including electronically, at least two weeks before any vote to remove a person from an elected office.

Inappropriate Conduct:

ATV Maine will not tolerate inappropriate conduct, determined at the discretion of the Executive Board of Directors, including harassment, by any ATV Maine member towards the ATV Maine organization or its representatives. The ATV Maine Executive Board of Directors will be responsible for addressing the person, or persons, perpetrating the inappropriate conduct. Sanctions against the perpetrator(s) of the inappropriate conduct will be determined by the Executive Board of Directors and may include removal of ATV Maine membership for up to a five -year time period; second offense may be permanent removal, to be decided by the Directors. Any information concerning inappropriate conduct, including copies of any written material, should be forwarded to the ATV Maine President, Vice President, Secretary, and appropriate club officers. 


All contracted positions will be hired and compensation will be by the Executive Board of Directors in accordance with the ATV Maine By-Laws. 

ATV Maine Officer Vote and Non-elected Positions: 

  1. All nominations must be made at the October regular meeting, this includes from the floor, to be placed on the ballot. At this time, the president will ask for nominations from the floor three times.
  2. After the October meeting, a list of all nominations will be posted on the website.
  3. All non-elected positions, including, but not limited to, District Representatives, Committee members, Safety Officer, and Web Master, shall have terms of service of no longer than one year. Appointment to each of these non-elected positions is renewable at each December meeting of ATV Maine by confirmation of the Executive Board of Directors. Removal of a person from one of the positions will be by recommendation of 2/3 of the Executive Board of Directors, and confirmed by 2/3 of the Board of Directors attending.
  4. At the December ATV Maine meeting, three members shall be voted to count ballots and the Directors will vote for the nominations through the use of paper ballots. The names of the Regional Vice Presidents will be placed on the ballots in their region only. After the count has been completed, the President will announce the winners. There will be no absentee balloting.
  5. If there is a tie, the directors at said meeting will re-cast their votes to break the tie.
  6. The results of all voting will be recorded by the Secretary in the meeting minutes. All ballots must be kept for at least three years.