All committee members are expected to make all attempts to meet at the appointed committee meetings. The first meeting of a new committee will be called by the ATV Maine President, who will preside over the committee until the committee elects a committee chairperson from its membership. The ATV Maine President will review the purpose and goal of the committee with its members.

After the committee has elected their committee chairperson, the committee chairperson will conduct the business of the committee and determine the time and place for each future meeting, in conjunction with the committee members and the ATV Maine Secretary. Committee members can recommend to the ATV Maine President additional or replacement committee members.

Committee Member Responsibilities

All committee members are responsible for attendance and participation at committee meetings, if at all possible. Committee members who are unable to attend a committee meeting will communicate such to the committee chairperson. Committee members are responsible for electing the committee chairperson and a secretary, if appropriate. Committee members are responsible for furthering the goals of ATV Maine and achieving the purpose of the committee.

Committee Chairperson Responsibilities

The elected chairperson of all committees is responsible for calling and organizing the meetings of the committee. The committee chairperson is responsible for assuring that committee members understand the goal and purpose of the committee, and are working to achieve the goal. The committee chairperson is responsible to update the ATV Maine President on the accomplishments of the committee, problems identified by the committee, questions of the committee that need resolution, and to give a report of the committee at each ATV Maine Regional meeting at the request of the ATV Maine President. If the committee requires expenditure of funds, the committee chairperson is responsible to inform the ATV Maine President of such need as soon as possible after the need has been identified, preferably in writing. The committee chairperson will coordinate the completion of any mileage reimbursement with the ATV Maine Business Manager for all committee members. The Committee Chair will send an email with the names, date, and place of attendance of the meeting to the Business Manager.

Any communication from the committee that needs to go to ATV Maine member clubs will be done in accordance with the ATV Maine Communication Policy.

Approved 10-2013

If possible, committee meetings will be coordinated through the ATV Maine Secretary if a time and location is needed for a meeting. This will minimize the expense of the committee to ATV Maine by potentially having more than one committee meet at a location at a time. Committee members will be reimbursed for mileage for attendance at committee meetings, according to the ATV Maine Mileage Reimbursement Policy.

All committee members are either appointed or volunteered. All committee memberships are reviewed by the Executive Board during the month of June to determine if the member wishes to remain on the committee and if the committee is accomplishing the goals set forth for the committee. Any problems with a committee member will be reported to the ATV Maine President.

The purpose of this policy is to set forth standards of how and when ATV Maine will make special recognition of ATV Maine members.

All ATV Maine Recognition of ATV Maine members will be done through the ATV Maine Recognition Committee. The ATV Maine Recognition Committee has a documented process for honoring ATV Maine members. This recognition process will be followed for all living and deceased ATV Maine members. The Recognition Committee shall consist of 5 to 7 members.

Below are the guidelines for recognition of ATV Maine members:

Recognition Committee Application Rules

  1. You must be a member of ATV Maine in good standing to receive any award from ATV Maine, or were a member in good standing at the time of their death
  2. All Nominations need to be sent on the submission form and may be sent by mail, E-mail or handed in person to any ATV Maine Recognition Committee member
  3. Nominations must be in by the second Saturday in December. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Please keep in mind that the Annual ATV Maine Awards are for honoring volunteers and clubs for OUTSTANDING achievements and activities. Applications will be reviewed by the committee and one application will be selected in each category. The committee (if needed) may call the person making the nomination for any clarification.

Approved 10-2013

These are the four (4) categories. Three (3) categories are open for any member to submit a nominee. The fourth category is open only to the Recognition Committee.

  1. The Dedication Award. This award is open to a club or individual dedicated to advancing the goals of ATV’ing in Maine
  2. The Challenge Award. This award is open to a club or individual that overcame a MAJOR challenge for the sport of ATV’ing (Weather-related, public relations, or new projects completed)
  3. The Community Service Award. This award is for the CLUB that has performed an outstanding community service in Maine
  4. The Committees Choice Award. This award is for the Committees choice to a club or individual for outstanding contribution to ATV’ing in Maine
The purpose of this policy is to coordinate information received by ATV Maine clubs, to assure completeness and accuracy of the information, and to assure that the ATV Maine Executive Board of Directors are aware of all communication distributed to member clubs.

All information to ATV Maine clubs concerning ATV Maine business, ATV Maine committees, legislative information, etc., must be approved by the ATV Maine President, ATV Maine Vice President, or ATV Maine Executive Director before sending.

All mail and email correspondence to ATV Maine clubs should be sent by the ATV Maine Business Manager; or the ATV Maine Secretary in their absence.

All information concerning ATV club events, announcements, flyers, and newsletters from other organizations, such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, will be forwarded to ATV Maine clubs by the ATV Maine Business Manager and posted on the website.

The ATV Maine Business Manager will attempt to keep a complete address list and email list of appropriate recipients of ATV Maine club communication. Most communication to ATV Maine member clubs will be through the use of email and posted on the website.