Whether you’re looking to learn more about state regulations, or looking for information about current legislation, we are going to start here.

Here are some current LD’s being considered.  ATV Maine is sharing a source of information that is all ready posted on Maine State Official page.  If you know of any other LD’s conserving ATVing in Maine please send me the LD number at info@atvmaine.org

If you wish to look up other current legislations you can follow this link and look up what every interests you.

129th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session

UPDATED 3-05-2021

LD 683 An Act To Allow Maine Nonprofit Corporations To Hold Meetings Electronically

LD 685 An Act To Legalize Online Raffles for Nonprofit Organizations.

LD 944 An Act to simplify Dual Registration of Snowmobiles and All-terrain Vehicles.

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