The question of the year.  Why should I join a club.  There are many different answers to this.  Some of the reasons, but not all, by any means.

  1.  Clubs are the entities that obtain private landowners permission to put trails on landowner property.
  2.  Clubs are the entities that build and maintain the trails on private landowner property.
  3.  Clubs are the entitles that work with landowners when they have an issue with ATV riders.
  4.  Clubs work with ATV Maine to respond to proposed legislation that affects all ATV riders.
  5.  Clubs work with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry (DACF) on items that affect all ATV riders.
  6.  Clubs organize fun rides and events for members and others.
  7.  Clubs interact with ATV Maine and other clubs for updates on trail conditions, trail maps, and fund raising events for charities.
  8.  Several large landowners require riders on their property to be members of ATV Maine clubs and to have liability insurance.

Join an ATV club to help keep our trails open