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What is the Recreational Trails Program?

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The dates for the new funding for 2019 are not posted yet.  Click here to get to the website from DACF and book mark it so you can get the current information when it is updated for next season The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is an assistance program of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway [...]

Why Should I Join a Club

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The question of the year.  Why should I join a club.  There are many different answers to this.  Some of the reasons, but not all, by any means.  Clubs are the entities that obtain private landowners permission to put trails on landowner property.  Clubs are the entities that build and maintain the trails on private landowner [...]

Message from DACF

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Rail Trail bridge work. Work is complete on the bridge over Durham Brook in Dover-Foxcroft. The crew has moved to the bridge over Black Stream just south of the Burrough Road and will be working on re-decking it over the next 2 days. Should be completed tomorrow.

About the Maine ATV Program

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Most of the hundreds of miles of ATV trails located throughout Maine are on private land and are maintained by local clubs. Cooperative agreements between private landowners, ATV clubs, and the Bureau's ATV Program are key to the success of the trail system. Have you explored Bureau of Parks and Lands website.  Lots of very handy information [...]

Multi-use Trail Information

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Maine ATV Trails An amazing network of trails makes it possible for ATV riders to travel throughout much of Maine. Trails include multi-use and multi-use rail trails through scenic recreation and wildlife areas. Be on the lookout for other trail users and wildlife on the trail. Check out our Trail Maps and Club pages to get [...]

Trail Closings 2018

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A reminder that MOST trails are either closed or closing for the season. Reasons can be from hunting safety to logging to just seasonal closures. Please check with your local club to make sure you can still ride. The State Muiti use railbeds trails generally remain open for ATV's till the first groomable snow. [...]

Trail Information

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Whether you're looking for trails, learning more about regulations, or just want to learn more about maintaining your ATV, we've got plenty of resources for you to reach out to! Check out some of our trusted resources below to learn more about the ATV community and lifestyle. A lot of clubs are starting to [...]